These are just some of Holly’s happy bodies! Rocket’s proven exercise techniques and effective workouts deliver amazing fitness results and as you can see great body shaping results!

Manuela's Personal Training Results

Holly has transformed my life and health in a miraculous way. I have severe spondolythesis in my lower back, damaged neck and fibromyalgia. For almost 20 years I was in chronic pain, wearing a neck and back brace plus visiting chiropractors three times a week. Specialists told me I would never be able to exercise again.

I had trainers over the years, however they worsened my injuries. I was immediately impressed with Holly's experience of working with injuries, her professionalism and genuine dedication in wanting to help me. She worked with my physiotherapist & now I haven't needed treatment in over a year. I can now do anything & everything! I am pain free, strong, happy and able to lead a normal life. Something I never thought possible. All of it thanks to Holly.

Richard's Personal Training Results

When I started training with Holly, I weighed 73kg. I was looking to build muscle, get fit and help my back pain. I saw Holly one hour per week and she designed regular weights programs for my other training days. I was educated on the right foods to eat for increasing muscle bulk and Holly ensured the best technique for all my exercises, including exercises that helped strengthen my lower back. She always encouraged me to push myself to my best ability. After 4 months of hard work and dedication, I weighed 108kg! I feel much better about myself and how my body feels. Since I started training with Holly, I have had no back problems. I couldn't believe how quickly the change in my body occurred. Friends and work customers I hadn't seen in 6 months, couldn't believe the change in my appearance, how fit and healthy I looked. Holly delivered such great results!

Sharon's Personal Training Results

Holly is amazing! I really struggled to lose the weight I wanted to lose, but as soon as I started training with Holly and followed her simple nutritional plan, the results were fantastic. The best thing about it was I could still eat almost everything and didn't have to deprive myself too much like other diets. Holly's training sessions are hard and she takes it very seriously,but mixed with her bubbly, friendly, professional and passionate personality, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Email: holly@rocketpersonaltraining.com

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